Robotics  Process  Automation

Automate your repetitive business processes using software robots to perform tasks to ensure error-free responses

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the development and deployment of software robots to automate rules-based and repetitive human tasks to let employees focus on higher-value work. This also ensures higher productivity and reducing error in mundane repetitive tasks. Increasingly across the globe, RPA solutions are combining machine learning capabilities of artificial intelligence for business process automation to improve efficiencies. DBP has identified best-in-class solutions like UiPath and WorkFusion to help you make this transition. We have a team of certified consultants to map-out your business process needs across your business functions and implement a cost-effective RPA solution.

On the digital transformation journey of your company, a right Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution will help your organization accelerate business performance, deliver real value and improve ROI through intelligent automation of repetitive business critical processes without dependency on human error factor.

Our RPA services range from formalising RPA strategy, need assessment analysis, design and implementation of bots., thus support in improving productivity and achieving operational efficiency. We will eventually help your organisation to become an “Automated Enterprise”.

A typical process for an RPA implementation involves following:
Benefits of RPA
Capitalise on your RPA investments with new use cases Get control of your compliance costs Improve your risk profile
Break free from previous limitations and invigorate your automation initiatives Use intelligent technology instead of manual efforts to achieve compliance productivity Reduce regulatory risk and fines by leveraging a digital workforce
Process work end to end, faster and easier Rapidly reduce compliance backlogs Reduce manual errors down to near-zero 
Deliver new compliance use cases with attended and hybrid automation Eliminate wasted effort by making your processes more intelligent with pragmatic artificial intelligence (AI) Refocus your team’s efforts on investigation and analysis 
Realise the full benefits of a more complete and expansive RPA solution Evolve your workforce strategy to meet today’s demands Update automations as quickly as regulations change to keep pace with requirements

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