Business Intelligence & Analytics

Empower your organisation to transform scattered data across business functions to actionable insights

Business Intelligence (BI) solution(s) will help accelerate your decision making at the organizational level to meet business demand by identifying market trends and analyzing consumer behaviors. A right BI solution will also help you understand your business’ strengths by optimizing actionable data to make informed decisions.

Your organization may have different silos and various forms of important data. This data may reside within the organization in form of structured data or unstructured data, transactional data or non-transactional data, interactional data or behavioral data. BI solution empowers your organization to transform entire scattered data into intelligible information which will be visualized in intuitive dashboards and interactive modules to highlight your business performance. Thus enabling business users to make smarter and timely decisions via fast access to aggregated business information.

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Business Intelligence

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Data Management
Data Management

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Advance Analytics

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Few business use cases
  • Generating real time financial performance dashboards: for instant, up-to-the minute snapshot of the company’s entire financial position and finance-related KPIs. Get a snapshot view into the company’s financial statements, displayed visually using business intelligence rolling out, risk management KPIs.
  • Operational reporting dashboards: are KPI-driven “report cards,” showing how efficiently and effectively (or not!) your company’s business operations are running. Operational dashboards focus on productivity, service levels, headcount ratios, and overall metrics.
  • Create customer experience dashboard based insights on the way your brand or company is performing, from the customer’s point of view. Link disparate data sets from your company’s CRM (customer-relationship management) and customer-survey systems — to generate daily visualisations, revealing trends of how your business is performing against customer expectations.

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