In an industry like banking and finance where customer experience demands are information intensive with deep personalisation, as well as involve time-critical communication delivery. Business solutions like CCM, CRM, RPA and Analytics & BI are increasingly becoming a critical component of the industry’s digital transformation roadmap. CIOs and CTOs across banking and financial services companies are finding ways to implement new age customer engagement solutions to connect with customers, build trust and drive growth. Through partnerships with some leading global players – we provide expertise in identifying the right solution and our team of certified professionals with domain expertise help in implementation of these solutions using established best practises. These solutions are compliant to the banking and financial industry norms and deliver seamless customer interactions, integrated across the various channels of your customer requests.

Enable automate and communicate with your customers through multiple channels through leading CCM solution(s).

Automate and improve process speed, accuracy, controls, reduce cost and minimise human errors with cutting edge RPA solution(s).

Give your customers a personalised brand experience and enhance relationship with WCMS and CRM solution(s).

Get real time Insight into various aspects and functions of your business in smart configurable dashboards with BI & Analytics solution(s).

One of the key focus for the insurance industry is customer relationship driven by timely communication across multiple channels. The insurance industry has a constant need to communicate with a wide spectrum of customers — both internal and external — like agents, brokers, policy holders. It also has a plethora of constantly evolving diverse insurance products in their portfolio. Our CCM solutions help automate and transform how insurers can reach customers through their preferred mode of communication channels. We also help you create an effective and integrated communications and campaign management infrastructure to deliver industry compliant customer engagement and experiences throughout the customers lifecycle. The RPA solutions automate various processes like data mining, error tracking, claim verification, integration of claim relevant data sources and many more such processes which are manually intensive and thus improve efficiencies as well as the customer experiences.

Speed up your customer experiences starting with customer acquisition process from policy servicing to renewal, through leading CCM solution(s).

Deliver dynamic, personalised and multi-channel interactive communication. Automate the claim workflow process. Streamline the approval and authorisation process.

Create an effective and integrated communications management infrastructure for agents, brokers and policy holders. Switch to automated tracking of payment process.

Automate manually intensive process with the help of RPA to improve efficiencies and get a plethora of business benefits.

With most telecom companies today offering multiple services and broad-basing the way in which they can service their consumers, there is a definite shift towards most telcos becoming Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Moreover, customers also increasingly want to get more engaged with their CSPs through digital channels. Our solutions for CSPs include, Customer Communication Management solutions for multi-channel personalised customer experience, CRM consulting and implementation to help you integrate and provide converged billing interface for multiple services. These solutions help you Improve customer experience in print, email and mobile channels by enabling integration of multiple data sources and a unified management interface for multichannel output. RPA to improve internal processes, checks and approvals. Personalised content management on the web and mobile channels through intelligent WCMS for enhanced customer engagement and experience. The services portfolio for the telecom industry also includes application development services and managed services offerings.

Integrate your billing though a single interface and provide a unified converged billing experience to your customers across multiple channels.

Personalised content management on the web and mobile channels through intelligent WCMS for enhanced customer engagement and experience.

Improve efficiency of mundane repetitive tasks in internal processes, checks and approvals and eliminate human errors through RPA solution(s).

Empower your business heads with information dashboard(s), to take data driven decisions for critical business issues with the right BI Solution.

In an era where customer engagement and communication is increasing becoming real time and ever evolving. With moment marketing driving campaign strategies and digital access of information is feeding the frenzy of ever demanding consumers who are constantly browsing for more information about the brand from multiple devices ubiquitously — anywhere and everywhere. Our WCMS solutions become of greater importance to publish and manage personalised digital content across various digital channels. Campaign Management Solutions vertical helps you create and manage dynamic multi-channel customer communication and customer experiences. Our partner solutions provide enhanced digital experiences and brand engagement for your customers. If you are a digital agency seeking to service your client. We offer a plethora of services to help you serve your client’s brand needs, including website development on a range of web content management platforms, CRM implementation, BI & Analytics tools consulting & implementation , backend integration, mobile application development and campaign management solutions.

Drive and execute your digital communication strategies and provide digital access of information about your brand through WCMS solution(s).

Leverage our CRM expertise to help you identify the right solution and implement the customer relationship management strategies for your client brand(s).

Manage dynamic multi- channel customer engagement campaigns and track effectiveness of the communication across various digital channels.

Build web and mobile applications for long term customer engagement or for short tactical promotional requirements across to fulfil your marketing campaign objectives.

Like every other sector, utility sector is also not untouched with the digital disruption. To cope with this, utility companies required significant transformation to adapt to changing customer and business demands and improved operational efficiencies. The utility sector is catching up with changing customer expectations, availability of digital technology options and competitive forces. These digital technologies are also expanding opportunities to improve customer experience at various touch points, operational efficiencies and identifying new opportunities for growth. DBP offers a range of solutions to utility and Govt sector to enhance the over all customer experience. These include a robust customer communication management solution to empower and streamline all traditional and digital channels, web content management solutions to improve digital touchpoint across devices, customer relationship management solutions for a 360 degree view of customers, business intelligence solutions for a wide range of analytics on various critical aspects of business.

Streamline your billing and output management with the right CCM solution. We help you selecting and implementing the right solution.

Enable all your digital channels. Select and implementing a right WCMS solution. Develop and integrate the customer facing web and mobile applications.

Empower yourself with 3600 view of customers with the right CRM solution. Drive customer loyalty and satisfaction through operational efficiencies.

Empower your users with an information dashboard to take data driven and right decisions for critical business issues with a robust BI Solution.

In the post-covid environment, retail is facing unprecedented challenges. With social distancing becoming the new normal, brick and mortar retailers are increasingly looking for digital omni-channel integration and customer outreach. Retailers are also realising the need to leverage technology to constantly enhance their customers’ shopping experience and reinvent themselves. Digital transformation and process automation have also become a critical component for the retail industry in these unprecedented times. At DBP we have expertise to help you navigate the isolation economy by helping you create a roadmap for your business continuity planning, as well as implementing it for you. We help you leverage the most cost effective digital transformation solutions to slowly ramp up your digital and eCommerce presence depending on your current business needs and future goals. If you are a hyperlocal retailer looking at simple technology solutions to improve your digital outreach or have a chain of stores looking at migrating your existing legacy systems to make them future ready we are here to help.

Digital transformation solutions for retailers to navigate in the post-covid isolation economy environment. Integrate your multiple stores and online warehouses.

Migrate your hyperlocal store seamlessly to e-commerce retail, integrate with popular online shops, manage online ordering and faster retrieval, improve your customer outreach.

Improve operational efficiency and ask us about our partners’ automated parcel delivery locker systems to ensure contact less deliveries.

Leverage our WCMS solutions and Application Development Services to create higher customer engagement with your customers through web and mobile apps.

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