Quadient Inspire

Leverage the market leader and manage your multi-channel customer communication from a single platform by seamlessly integrating your legacy applications at the backend

Quadient Inspire is a market leader in the customer communication management (CCM) space. Quadient Customer Communication Management solution, Inspire, helps companies around the world design, manage and deliver personalized, accurate and compliant communications across all channels, from one centralized platform.

Improve the customer experience

Digital consumers are changing the rules of the game. They are turning to brands and services across all industries that offer choice, convenience, and personalized service.

Personalization and convenience

Leverage existing templates and data from your core systems to create highly personalized, relevant communications for delivery across all channels.

Interactive experiences

Create dynamic digital experiences that make it easy for your customers to understand and sort through important information with interactive charts, graphs, and sliders.


With Inspire, communications are created in a single design platform and delivered to customers via their channel of choice. Consistent experiences build trust. Trust keeps customers coming back.

Increase agility and reduce compliance risk

Organizations today must respond quickly to changes within the regulatory landscape. Inspire reduces compliance risk by involving subject matter experts in the content creation, review and approval process, providing a holistic view of, and enabling greater control over customer communications.


Compliance, legal, and line of-business teams collaborate throughout the communications creation process. Simplify collaboration with sharable content, visual approval, and social media-style interactions.

A holistic view

Compliance teams get a complete view of the entire communications package in every format, e.g. print, web, mobile etc. Reducing ‘errors of omission’.

Greater control

Inspire makes it easy for compliance personnel to manage, track, audit, and approve regulatory language quickly and easily. Changes are made in one location and applied everywhere you choose, and content blocks are locked down to safeguard regulatory language where required.

Speed digital transformation Eliminate silos and empower business users Take action to improve the customer journey Create personalized digital experiences
Inspire integrates seamlessly with all your IT systems. This includes existing legacy applications, making it easy to leverage your existing templates and data ecosystem to create highly personalized, relevant communications across all channels. Inspire is the only centralized solution that makes it easy to create, approve and deliver omni-channel communications from one easy-to-use platform – eliminating the need for multiple siloed teams, and reducing strain on IT. Business users are given access to parts of documents through an online web editor, and business administrators specify which templates may be accessed by whom and what changes may be made. Inspire integrates seamlessly with Quadient Customer Journey Mapping, allowing you to connect all customer communications directly to your journey maps. This gives you visibility into every customer touchpoint across the entire customer journey and enables you to take action when required. Quadient Mobile Advantage enables you to extend the power of Inspire to your mobile apps and secure web portals. That means creating highly individualized, responsive, interactive, and compliant experiences is done from one place.
Quadient Inspire capabilities at a glance
Output Management
  • Print, e-delivery, email, SMS, web & mobile
  • On-demand & batch communications
  • Dynamic and interactive communications
Customer On-boarding
  • Digital forms and processes
  • Data pre-population
  • eSignature integration
CCM Platform Consolidation
  • Legacy system integration
  • Template migration & consolidation
  • Data ecosystem integration
Mobile & Web Approval
  • Business user empowerment
  • Business user content authoring
  • Interactive quote creation
  • Web-based collaboration
Compliance Management & Auditing
  • Comprehensive tracking Synchronised omni-channel preview
  • Synchronised omni-channel preview

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