Quadient Inspire CCM Platform Upgrade to a Higher Version

A Multinational European Investment Bank had been using using older version of Quadient® Inspire upgrades to the higher version to improve Customer Experience

Project Background

A large multinational investment bank headquartered in Switzerland with its regional office in Singapore had been using an old Quadient Inspire Version 8.x on the Unix platform, and needed to migrate to the latest release Version 12.x


The client had skipped several version upgrades over the years and there was a legacy system upgrade needed for an on-prem version of Quadient Inspire. The older version was running out of life without support from Quadient. The bank was also not been able to use all the newer and enhanced features of the new version.

The Benefits of Migrating to the New Version

With the upgraded version of Quadient Inspire CCM Platform, the bank was able to reap the benefits of newly added features of the platform which eventually resulted into creating a better customer experience. It helped the bank to promote consistent branding and look-and-feel in all of their communication template with better compliance with the changing statutory regulations. The upgraded version also helped the bank to improve communication manageability and create faster turn-around.

Improved and Enhanced Delivery

While traditional focus of customer communication platforms has been in the hard copy delivery of statements to the end customers, the version upgrade helped the bank to enhance its communication delivery capabilities across platforms including both traditional as well as digital. During the upgrade process to further help improve efficiency it was helped to the bank to identify which documents are redundant or similar, which documents actually are in use, and which ones can be retired. It was also ensured that templates adhere to your branding and writing standards on one side and meet statutory compliance on the other hand.

Technology Solution(s) Used

Unix, Quadient Inspire Designer, Inspire Automation and Inspire Interactive


The project was successfully completed in 5 months with zero defect(s). Upgrade of Quadient Inspire was done from Inspire version 8.x to Inspire 12.x for Inspire Designer, Inspire Automation and Inspire Interactive. All Quadient Inspire products were Upgraded to 12.x

Through this upgrade, the bank was able to significantly improve the omni-channel customer experience, resulting in improving their overall customer satisfaction and thus improving the Lifetime Customer Value (LCV).

About DBP

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About Quadient®

Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on four key solution areas including Customer Experience Management, Business Process Automation, Mail-Related Solutions, and Parcel Locker Solutions, Quadient helps simplify the connection between people and what matters. Quadient supports hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in their quest to create relevant, personalized connections and achieve customer experience excellence. Quadient is listed in compartment B of Euronext Paris (QDT) and belongs to the SBF 120 index.

For more information about Quadient, visit quadient.com/connections.

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